More Burp Cloths...

Here is just a few of the thing that have been in the works. Much more to come and some are not sold...

Pink Cupcakes!

Killer Rock n Roll

This multi-color set comes with 2 green and 2 orange

This cool blue Monster set has 2 red and 2 orange 

Baby Shower

It has been a while... Things have been very busy around here. I have been helping getting things ready for a baby shower.  This is what it all looked like in the end.

                                                                   Diaper Cake

                                                             Diaper Wreath

                                                                    Center Pieces 

                                   Custom Paintings


Pink and Mint Green Diaper Cake

Magan's Crafty Corner has just finished an order for a sweet and simple diaper cake!!!

I will have to say that this is the smallest Diaper Cake I have made. I seem to like to go BIG! I just hope that I have finished the Diaper Cake like the customer wanted NOT WHAT I WANTED. lol


Extremely Cute & Happy Customer

Vannie over at Beauty on Mars was my very first customer a couple of months ago. Her little boy was only a couple of months old and I had just started making my burp cloths. I have often wondered how they liked them and then I recently received these.
I could not get over how cute he is, and am so happy that he loves his burp cloths. It really melts my heart. 

Vanniee said:
"I love that I used it as a burp cloth with him when he was a 2 months and now a year old he's using it as a blanky"

After hearing that I was over the moon and I am so happy that she was willing to share these pictures with me!


Custom Burp Cloths

I finished 2 Orders of Cute and Cuddly Custom Girl burp cloths. One side is a soft flannel and the other is super cuddly chenille.
Contact Magan's Crafty Corner to order you Cute and Cuddly Burp Cloths.
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